Janet Helm - March 24, 2011 - Newsletter
Tartan Spirit

Janet Helm, Gift Guru & Recognition RevolutionistOne of our most popular recognition solutions we provide to enhance a culture is designing custom made tartans.

Tartan you say!?

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4 Reasons to get mad for plaid!

1 We all know it isn't the stuff that makes the gift — it is the meaning behind it. Tartan is a huge hit with our customers as the symbolism behind the crisscross pattern — family, unity, friendship, community — is a genuine connection they have within their company and want to share this with their employees and customers.

2 Your tartan is uniquely your own!

Our creative process ensures your tartan reflects your culture, your values!

DDB ad Agency's tartan was designed incorporating their corporate colors, then we created wool scarves complete with a private label. The cozy gift was given during December holiday occasions to clients and employees.

3 The Spirit of Tartan is creative and stylish.

Tired of searching through catalogues only to find the same old ideas? Tartan is a creative solution and the

design can be traditional, contemporary, or in between.

Applications are endless from scarves, umbrellas, blankets, portfolios, upholstery, commemorative plates are just a few. Occasions include employee recognition, customer appreciation, golf tournaments, and annual events.

4 It's easy for you. Details including personalized enclosure cards, custom gift packaging, assembly and distribution, may sound like a lot of work. For us, yes — for you — no. The project is off your plate and on ours — we make the entire process easy for you.

Contact me to get started.

Here's to tartan!

Example tartans we've created

Thank you for reading!

Janet Helm