TARTAN BY Janet Helm

Photo from elizabethannedesigns, Janet Helm's tartan for Coca-Cola, tartan umbrella, lambswool blanket designs.
Imagine your own tartan...
designed and made to order for you, your family, company, or association.

We take care of every stage of the process, from the design of your tartan, to registration in Scotland. It all started with our design for Coca-Cola, now other CEOs, families and associations from across North America are all mad for their own plaid. Although the recipients are diverse, the reason they love their tartan is the same- tartan reflects community, family, and membership, and its casual coziness warms up whatever space itís in. It is easy to see how our made to order designs are a truly meaningful idea.

Enjoy the many applications, from our 100% wool scarves, custom upholstery and lambs-wool blankets, to our umbrellas, private label dinner service and casual coffee cups for the lunchroom.

Donít need your very own, but like perfect mix of fashion, lifestyle and meaning? Existing tartans are also available for all of our applications.

The global phenomenon of tartan is here to stay!
To get started, contact us today.