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Want to find out how being grateful can improve your employees' lives and benefit your business?

Janet Helm who early on recognized how creating a culture of gratitude can transform a business, large and small, by attracting and retaining the right employees.

Drawing on her years in the business world with leading companies such as Coca-Cola Janet can tell you what successful companies are doing daily to increase motivation and efficiency through the power of gratitude.

In a dynamic presentation, Janet shares the brutal facts and interesting myths about recognition and motivation. You will learn easy to follow steps, tips and suggestions to start and maintain a culture of gratitude.

Whether you are an employee, HR manager, CEO, or entrepreneur, this fun and informative speech is ideal for those looking to promote team work, and superb customer service. Just watch what shows up when you, too, use the Power of Gratitude in your workplace.

Grateful people are happier people. Happier people are more positive. Positive people perform better.

Are you ready to have an attitude of gratitude in your workplace?

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