About Janet

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Even as a young child I was passionate about gift-giving. I remember at twelve carefully counting my allowance and searching store after store for the perfect present for my mother's birthday. Nothing seemed right. So I went home and designed a small handmade book expressing exactly what I wanted to say.

My mom still has the book. And I still have the same passion to create unique gifts.

I'm often asked where I find inspiration. The answer is everywhere. Travel and the experience of diverse cultures has given me countless ideas on bringing beauty and design quality to every gift I create. Immersing myself in the fashion, architecture, and design of European cities has deepened my understanding of the infinite potential of design and style. And I'm inspired by the many talented artisans and innovative manufacturers that I've met—and continue to meet—both at home and abroad.

Working with our clients gives me a unique opportunity to share my passion for design and gifts with others. While I've enjoyed many successes—including being named Entrepreneur of the Year—the most rewarding experience is still the overwhelming enthusiasm that greets each gift I design and create.